Day 25 (6 October): AA219 MCO - LAX

This morning we disembarked the ship and drove the Navbro and Navniece to their accommodation at Disney World.  We said farewell to one another with great sadness because it was a wonderful week of family time - something which is difficult to achieve when we live on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean.

Then we made our way back to Orlando Airport (via the outlet mall of course) to catch our flight to Los Angeles.  We had a quick rest in a very below average Admirals Club lounge which was small and had no food worthy of writing about.  Free drink vouchers did little to compensate for a poor service offering.


Boeing 737-800


Oneworld.  This is the start of the fourth leg of our oneworld Classic Reward.


Business/First - seat 3A (window) and 3B (aisle).  This is the first row of seats.


5 hours and 40 minutes.  We push back 10 minutes late and despite bumpy weather for most of the flight we arrive almost on time.

As it turns out we timed our cruise perfectly. The bumpy weather we experience over the Gulf of Mexico is the beginning of Hurricane Michael.


Is as described on our flight from JFK - MCO.  Having the first row with the bulkhead in front at least gives a sense of more legroom.


We downloaded the American airlines app before boarding.  It has 12 movies, mainly first release but also some from the Disney  catalogue.  There are approximately 25 TV shows available for streaming as well.  This is quite an elegant solution to providing free (albeit somewhat limited) content.

Content is also played on the TV screen which folds down from the overhead lockers.  'I Feel Pretty' with Amy Schumer is played and this is followed by two episodes of the latest series of 'Will & Grace'.  Free earbuds are provided.


AA's baggage policy changed on September 21 and although Business/First passengers are still allowed 32kgs per bag it is not clear if the allowance is 1 or 2 bags.  When all else fails the Finnair MSC rules still apply to our itinerary. 

Despite all our Caribbean souvenirs we are still at 2 bags per passenger of 23kgs each.


This time service was better.  The staff asked about The Navigatrix's stitching and also about our holiday itinerary.  The bumpy flight made disrupted service.  We noticed every time the seat belt sign came on the food trolley was placed across the aisle in order to make it completely clear the toilets were off limits.


We can now confirm that food is only provided on transcontinental flights (including to Hawaii). Drinks were offered before take-off and then another round with warm nuts was delivered after the seat belt sign was switched off.  A hot towel was delivered just before the food service.

If we had known, we could have ordered our lunch online before the flight.  Despite being in the first row we are the last to be asked about food and only grilled chicken and vegetables is left.

Perhaps this is a case of some food being better than no food but it is hard to tell.  The chicken was dry and overcooked and the bread rolls were stale.  The green salad with oil and red wine vinaigrette was better.  However they did redeem themselves with ice cream served with a choice of toppings including whipped cream, butterscotch, chocolate fudge or raspberries. 


Snacks such as potato chips, popcorn or pretzels were handed out about 90 minutes before landing.

Alcoholic or soft drinks as well as tea or coffee were available any time upon request.


Better... but nothing approaching their catchphrase of "great is what we're going for".


6 out of 10.