Day 2 (14 June): HKG-KIX

This will be a shorter post as today was more of the same.  We continued our journey to Osaka, this time flying Cathay Pacific.

For the planespotters amongst us, the airline itinerary advertised we would be flying the new A350-900. Unfortunately we ended up on the A330.  The business class seats are laid out in a herringbone style, with one seat against the window and two in the middle. We were in the middle, where the seat arrangement means our feet point toward each other and the side tables are between us. The high partitions create a nice cocoon feeling but make it difficult to see out of the windows.  

The food was great, even the gluten free option. Neil Perry take note!  The Navigatrix managed a short nap while the Navigator explored the entertainment system.

We arrived at Kansai airport without fuss. Are we there yet? Not quite. From here we needed to catch the train up to Kyoto.  In typical Japanese fashion this is simple - a limited stop train whisked us 100 kilometers north in a little over an hour.  We were amused by the Japanese travellers. As usual as soon as they are settled in their seats they all fall asleep.  We also delighted in the politeness of the conductor. As he enters the cabin he takes off his cap and bows deeply.

Although Kansai, Osaka and Kyoto are notionally separate towns or prefectures, in reality it is built up all the way.  All the buildings are crammed together and every area of open space is given over to growing food. Vegetable plots and rice paddies are abundant and the rice paddies are flooded as the crop is underway.

We alighted at Kyoto terminal. Are... we... there... yet? Still not. Now we had to catch the subway one station up the line to our hotel. Finally we are settled in and can even unpack.

Breakfast count: 3 (2 today - 1 at the hotel and 1 in the Wing Lounge at HKG airport)
Upgrade count: 2 (to a premier suite, which got us a king size bed instead of a queen)
Lost property count: 1 (In the rush to get the train at Kansai airport the Navigatrix left her jacket on the luggage trolley. In true Japanese manner, a call from the hotel reception to the station located the jacket where it will be waiting for our outward bound journey. They would have even forwarded on to us. We were confident it would be found as the Japanese are so polite and respectful of others and of property. No graffiti or litter in Japan. This is our third trip to Japan and we know already it will not be our last.)