The Navigator's Log

"Dedicated to those people who work to live, not live to work"

The Navigator and Navigatrix are avid travellers, well versed frequent flyers and timeshare users. We travel as much as possible to tick off the places we want to see - Grand Canyon, St Petersburg, Canadian Rockies, Panama Canal, Alaska, and many more. And there are still so many places to see!

If we were a movie we’d be 'Up In The Air'. Whilst we have an affinity with George Clooney’s character, where we “don’t spend a penny unless it profits the frequent flyer account” we don’t fall into the trap of amassing flyer miles just for the sake of a number. We’re more like Anna Kendrick’s character who says “with that many miles I’d just pick a place and go.”

We take our travel dreams and turn them into reality. We hope you find inspiration on this site for you to enable your own travel dreams. The world changes quickly - there are now places that are accessible which we never dreamed were possible as we grew up, Russia and Cuba to name just two. Time is short, so follow your heart to the places you desire.

Some travellers are planners, some are spontaneous. Life is a never ending journey, so whatever your motivation just get up and go!

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